How Can Ad Agencies Evolve with Recent Changes in the Media Industry?

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Ad agencies must evolve with the recent changes in the media industry, including the changing roles and pressures they face today. Our CEO, Paul Vincent chats with Adotas about how ad agencies can rebuild with these ongoing changes.

Currently, some of these big changes include:

  • Mass media disappearing. There is now a lot more granular targeting, with video-on-demand replacing linear TV ad spots. The need to build more creative variations for different audiences requires agencies to think about how to create more efficiently.
  • Marketers needing to react faster. Brands must have more fluid communications that can react to competitors, and events that are not planned for. Since agencies may not be able to react on behalf of their client as fast, they must implement tools to work with them more closely and define responsibilities based on value.
  • Brands moving agency functions in-house. Granular targeting has required more self-serve platforms that are available to both marketers and agencies. Marketers are becoming more educated, and platforms are easier to use, meaning that marketers are able to self-optimize campaigns, instead of working with an agency that controls optimization.

According to Paul, “Agencies must rebuild their structure from the ground up, and embrace clients that want to take some functions in-house so they can distribute roles based on who can provide the highest value and performance.” It’s important for agencies to “focus on optimizing responsibilities between brand marketing teams and the agency teams where they add the most value.”

Finding the balance between leveraging the client’s knowledge of the business, and the agency’s knowledge of the platforms/processes is optimal to the success of both the agency and the brand.  

Ad agencies should view these changes as opportunities to innovate and grow by being able to add support brand-marketing in a way to add value. With Flexitive Design Cloud, agencies can build a more efficient design process, and manage their workflow with our easy-to-use design tool that lets you build and scale creative across all devices and screen resolutions fast.

Read the full interview with Paul and Adotas here.

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