How Can Ad Agencies Evolve with Recent Changes in the Media Industry?

Ad agencies must evolve with the recent changes in the media industry, including the changing roles and pressures they face today. Our CEO, Paul Vincent chats with Adotas about how ad agencies can rebuild with these ongoing changes.

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IAB Releases New Flexible Ad Specs

The IAB has released new flexible ad specs as part of its New Ad Portfolio, which includes a major upgrade to the global ad specifications & usability. For the last 2 years, the IAB Tech Lab has been working closely with industry partners including the Flexitive Design Cloud team, to create a new set of standards based on flexible ads that adapt to the screens of devices and responsive sites/apps of today and the future.

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Design in Tech Report 2017 Shows Accelerated Growth

The Design in Tech Report 2017 has come out recently, highlighting the continuous, accelerated growth of tech companies hiring for design. We thought we would highlight a couple of interesting slides:

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What are HTML5 Ads?

HTML5 ads are the replacement for Flash-based ads that designers often built when they wanted to use animations or interactivity in their creative. Flash was used extensively from the early 2000s through to 2016. Flash support started falling considerably after 2010 due to mobile operating systems like Apple’s iOS not supporting Flash, and Google’s Android having limited support.

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Top 6 Free Graphic Design Software

In 2017, there are a wide range of graphic design tools available, many that focus on a specific area. For example, there are image editing software to prototyping and wireframing tools to advanced HTML5 design tools.

We thought we would put together a list of the best free graphic design software with an emphasis on image editing software, that cover general image editing, vector images, and scaling tools that allow you to create lots of different layouts fast.

Check out the list below!

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Gap Between Programmatic and Creative One of the Biggest Challenges For Marketers

One of the biggest marketing challenges that brands and agencies face is the gap between programmatic and creative. An article by Yuyu Chen, from Digiday highlights that 30% of the attendees of their Programmatic Summit identified this as their top concern (see link at the bottom).

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HTML5 101: What is HTML5 & What are its Components?

With Flash now discontinued across multiple platforms, we thought it might be useful to start with the basics on its replacement – HTML5. What is HTML5 and what are its components?

First, HTML creative is not new, the industry has been using HTML creative for many years. What is different is the enhanced capabilities of the latest HTML5 spec which is a leap ahead from HTML4 and can replace Flash.  A couple of key differences with HTML5 is that it enables animation and responsive/adaptive design.

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A New Era For Digital Advertising – New IAB Global Guidelines Focus on Experience

The dotcom crash of the early 2000’s formed the start of a true marketplace for a new digital advertising economy. In the last 15 years the media industry has in a way – been in a ‘wild west’ state. It evolved faster than it did in the 200 years prior, and that fast change caused a bit of a mess.

From bot fraud to loss of transparency and excessive arbitrage in the value chain, to new tech being misused (like targeting). We’ve also somehow been drawn to buzzwords like ‘Big Data’, ‘Native Advertising’, ‘Second Screen’ and the worst one – ‘Mobile’. These cause complexity, confusion and ultimately investment going to the wrong places. These were all distractions from what should have been our focus…

…creating the best individual user experience.

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JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG & Web Fonts – How to Build High Quality, Fast Loading HTML5 Creative

It’s super important to consider web image optimization when building creative and choosing the best file types to use for your original assets. There are many file types, but only a few that really matter for the web and native apps. While Flexitive makes it easier with automated image resizing and smart compression, we’ve put some tips together to help you build amazing HTML5 creative that is high quality and loads fast on all devices.  
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Embed a YouTube Video into Your Creative

The Flexitive team knows how important it is for designers to be able to easily embed a YouTube video into their creative. Making it easy to change video settings like auto-play and start ­time, as well as ensuring that there aren’t other ads showing while your video plays, is crucial to the overall user experience and performance of the creative.
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