Design in Tech Report 2017 Shows Accelerated Growth

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The Design in Tech Report 2017 has come out recently, highlighting the continuous, accelerated growth of tech companies hiring for design. We thought we would highlight a couple of interesting slides:

There has been a 65% year-over-year growth in the number of designers at Facebook, Google and Amazon.

The report highlights a growth in designers due to two key drivers:

1) Increase of computational design

Computational design relates to the idea of designing for billions of individual people in real-time, at scale. The product and design is always evolving and there is no “perfected” state. These include designing for products like a mobile app, or a website.

2) More inclusive cultures at tech companies that are hoping to become design leaders

As more products and services become personalized, tech companies realize the importance of building designs that are inclusive and accessible to everyone, and have been recruiting and retaining diverse teams.

The Design in Tech Report also highlighted that computational design is growing, and there are a lot of new tools that designers are using.

Flexitive is one of those next generation design platforms. It helps designers & developers to scale images or animated HTML5 designs across lots of sizes. Flexitive can also be used right from the mockup/prototyping stage to evolve designs quickly – right through to the final high-quality version.

As companies hire more and more designers, it’s even more important to manage workflow and approvals. With Flexitive, you can share designs/manage workflow amongst teams, have real-time preview pages, and embed web components into CMS systems like WordPress and Drupal. Learn more about Flexitive and sign up for a free trial here.

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