Top 6 Free Graphic Design Software

In 2017, there is a wide range of graphic design tools available, many that focus on a specific area. From image editing software to prototyping and wireframing tools to advanced HTML5 design tools.

We thought we would put together a list of the best free graphic design software with an emphasis on image editing software, that cover general image editing, vector images, and scaling tools that allow you to create lots of different layouts fast.

Check out the list below!

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HTML5 101: What is HTML5 & What are its Components?

With Flash now discontinued across multiple platforms, we thought it might be useful to start with the basics on its replacement – HTML5. What is HTML5 and what are its components?

First, HTML design is not new, the industry has been using HTML design for many years. What is different is the enhanced capabilities of the latest HTML5 spec which is a leap ahead from HTML4 and can replace Flash.  A couple of key differences with HTML5 is that it enables animation and responsive/adaptive design.

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