Gap Between Programmatic and Creative One of the Biggest Challenges For Marketers

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One of the biggest marketing challenges that brands and agencies face is the gap between programmatic and creative. An article by Yuyu Chen, from Digiday highlights that 30% of the attendees of their Programmatic Summit identified this as their top concern (see link at the bottom).

When asked to elaborate on their specific challenges, there were two that stood out:

Creative is a challenge, and production is a bigger challenge. Our Creative team may say, ‘OK, you need to make five different banners for this programmatic campaign,’ and our media team is like, ‘No, that’s not enough.’

The Flexitive team knows that the discrepancy between the media and Creative teams is an issue that many agencies and marketing departments face. One of the reasons that we built Flexitive is because there are so many sizes and channels to build for ranging from display, to social and responsive design. We aim to make it easy and fast to build multiple sizes of one design concept across multiple platforms so that when tasked with building tons of designs, you can achieve more and focus on doing what you love.

There are many clients who want to play Creative Director, which directly affects the initial idea of a campaign. Too many clients put their hands on the design: They change the headline, the copy and images, etc. And in some cases, it’s the agency that gets hit when things go wrong.

Agencies and freelancers must work together with clients to find the right balance in their working relationship. Flexitive’s built-in workflow functionality tools and features allow agencies and clients work better together. For example, our live preview tool allows for more efficient workflows since designs can be viewed in real-time so any edits and changes can be easily discussed and shown in real time as well!

We understand the challenges that many marketers and designers face, and aim to reduce inefficiencies in your workflow to improve your design production. Learn more about us at

Also, see what other challenges programmatic marketers face – by reading the whole article here.

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